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Orgasm from Vaginal Stimulations

Q. Is it true that some women can have an orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone?

A. The short answer to that question is a qualified yes. While 65-75% of college aged women do not orgasm from intercourse alone, a significant minority do. The clitoris, where most of the orgasm-producing nerve endings are located, isn’t particularly near the vagina, and it isn’t stimulated very much during missionary position, heterosexual intercourse. Nevertheless, there are two explanations for orgasms that some women experience from vaginal stimulation. First is the G-Spot. This area of spongy, glandular tissue lies just beneath the surface of the vaginal wall on the belly-button side, about 2-3 inches inside the vagina (when a woman is aroused). This distinction is important because the vagina expands considerably in length during arousal, and what is in one place at one time can be further inside at another. Pressure on the G-Spot can trigger orgasm and even ejaculation in some women. Discovering how much pressure, and what type feels best comes from loving exploration, and not an obsessive need to find it. Try a gentle “come hither” motion with your middle finger if you have a female partner that would like you to explore. If you would like to explore on your own, there are a variety of toys that are gently curved to assist your discovery.

The second explanation for vaginal orgasms requires a brief anatomy lesson. The clitoris is a complicated organ, consisting of much more than just what you see on the outside. Inside a women’s body, the crura (or legs) of the clitoris extend inward, along both sides of the vagina. The crura erect during arousal, but more slowly than most penises. It can take 30 minutes for the clitoris, and all of its internal structures to become fully aroused and engorged. The parts of the clitoris that extend inward can, in some women, be stimulated through the vaginal walls. Scientists who are skeptical of the existence and significance of the G-Spot attribute much of this vaginal sensation to the clitoris’ internal structure.

Remember that sexual pleasure is experienced best, and most intensely, when orgasm isn’t the goal. Rather, enjoy the exploration and variety of sensations for their own sake. Taking plenty of time (Pointer Sisters playing Slow Hand in the Background…), and being fully aroused before you begin vaginal stimulation will enhance your experience.