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Popping For Pleasure

Dr. Melinda Myers

Pleasuring vaginas requires an understanding of how they’re put together.  The nerve pathways that connect to different parts of the vulva, clitoris, and vagina all have the capacity to transmit pleasurable sensations, and they aren’t all tuned to the same frequency.  Figuring out what each vulva loves is a great exploration practice.  For example, the parts of the clitoris that are able to be stimulated easily from the outside of the body tend to prefer different frequencies than those more handily reached through the front and side walls of the vagina or the skin of the vestibule.  The vestibule is the part of the vulva from just below the clitoris to just in front of the anus- think of the area surrounded by the labia minora and you’ll be close.  Some people prefer deeper, rumbly (thunder) vibration here while others prefer the higher frequency, more tickly (lightening) sensations. 

Likewise, the entrance to the vagina itself has a different enervation than the inside.  Most people enjoy more pressure-type sensations inside the vagina, around the g-spot, for example. But what about the outside?  Since the entrance to the vagina has more and different nerves than the inside, it isn’t surprising that what feels good to the opening of the vagina is different, too. People with vaginas often enjoy the sensation of what we at Good Relations call Popping.  Think of the sensation you get when you pop your finger out of your cheek and you’ll have the general idea.  Toys with a gentle edge, like our Nu Sensuelle  Sola bullet, or the Exciter, are great for trying this sensation.

Popping can be done alone or with a partner. To try it, first put a little water-based or hybrid lube around the entrance of the vagina. Put just the round tip of the toy inside the vagina, and then apply pressure to the inside of the outer vaginal muscular ring, and “pop” it out sideways.  See if it feels better to pop it left or right!  You might also enjoy it top to bottom.  Popping can be enjoyed at any stage of arousal, and the sensations will be experienced differently closer to orgasm than earlier in the process.

Try it several ways to see all the different ways you can enjoy it, and which frequencies of vibration you enjoy combined with it.  For more of an edging experience, put pressure at the opening on the inside but delay the “pop”, heightening both the anticipation and the enjoyment. The Sola Bullet and Pixies Exciter are just two of the new toys we’ve stocked for your enjoyment.  Stop by today to see what’s in store at Good Relations, 223 2nd St. Old Town Eureka.