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HPV Orally

Q. I attended your “Love Line” last night and you mentioned some pills that you can insert in your vagina to balance your pH levels. I was wondering if this was just for during a yeast infection or if you can do it on a regular basis. Also can HPV be transmited orally (i.e. can I get them in my mouth from giving oral sex or can my boyfriend get them in his mouth from giving me oral sex?) Thanks for your time and the talk the other night was great.
It was very interesting and I really want to take your Human Sexuality class next semester. Oh, and someone said that you can take that course or Women’s Studies with you and it’s the same course, they just count for different units, is this true? Thanks again.

A. Yes, it’s true that you can take 436 as either CRGS or Psych, your choice, same class. You can even take it twice, once each way, although I’m not sure why you’d want to.

I’m glad you enjoyed the talk. I had fun. Lots of great questions. You can use home made Boric Acid capsule suppositories to balance the Ph of the vagina, but most healthy people don’t need to. Usually, it all takes care of itself. If you have frequent sex with people who ejaculate semen into your vagina without condoms, the semen could put your Ph off a bit, in which case using the capsules in your vagina say once a week would be a good idea to keep things where they should be.

Yes, HPV can be transmitted orally, you or your partners could get them in your throat/mouth from contacting the lesions. It’s VERY transmissible when the warts are present, even when they’re really tiny, so it’s important to keep a close eye on it. It MAY be transmissible at other time, the jury’s still out. Recent research shows HPV is a leading cause of throat cancers. Your dentist is probably screening you for this without your even being aware of it.