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Frequency and Good Books

Q. Please let me know the normal number of interactions for a couple about 40 years old per month. Also introduce me to an article to improve my knowledge regarding suitable behavior between a couple to reach best sexual satisfaction.

A. As I’ve said a number of times in other articles, “normal” is probably not the best term to use when it comes to sexual matters, because it varies much more than it is similar for different people. There are interesting differences in averages for people by education levels, ethnicity and religion.

Rather than try to tackle all of those issues in this space, here are a couple of highlights from the best study ever done about sex and “typical Americans”. When asked about sexual frequency, the most common answer couples in their 40s gave was a few times per month. Many couples have interactions 2-3 times per week as well. Roughly 2/3 of men and women list one of those two answers for the question.

Women who have attended College have more sexual interactions with their partners on average than do women with less education, but there are no differences to speak of for men.

In answer to your question about improving sexual satisfaction, there are a number of fine resources. Depending on your (and your partner’s) personal style, I might recommend a book called Satisfaction. There are a number of others, including one (please excuse the title, they didn’t consult with me) Extended Massive Orgasm. You can browse the book section at Good Relations, if you’re local. They can help you find books that are suitable for you. You might also search