Handi-Pop Flavored Massage Gel



A water-silicone hybrid massage lotion that is glycerin free, vegan, paraben free, and cruelty free so you can enjoy your experience with a clean conscience. Created to give an ultra slippery, extra long foreplay session while turning your partner into your new favorite lollipop. With flavors like strawberry, cotton candy, and blueberry you are able to quell your sweet tooth in an extra fun way. Formulated to be safely used wherever your little heart desires.

Let’s set the scene: it’s been a long week and you really just want to unwind. Your partner surprises you by pulling out this lotion and starts massaging it into your skin. You relax into the pleasure they are giving you and the stress melts away. After getting all the pleasure you want their kisses taste just a little sweeter to top it off.

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Blueberry, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Mango, Orange Creamcicle, Strawberry


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