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Rose-gold tone metal adjustable finger tips

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The Sensation Enhancing Fingertips are as functional as they are stunning. They are made to be incredibly adjustable so they fit a wide range of finger sizes. These rose-gold tone metal fingertips will bring the right amount of sass to your next session. Light pressure and just barely grazing the skin can leave a wake of goosebumps in the trail you make on their body.

These pair well with a blind fold so your partner can’t see them coming. Wanting to torment your partner a little more? Add some pressure to the party and watch as you leave delicious marks on their skin. These will be your new best friend in your next flogging session. If you plan a little bit you can put them in the fridge to cool down and run them over the warm welts you just made. The sass you instantly feel when wearing these is an added bonus.


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