Surge Arousal Shot


An arousal shot for all sexes with libido enhancing herbs.

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In every Surge shot there are two doses per bottle, so you can share with your partner or save it for another time.  Take Surge an hour or two before any sexy time to get maximum results. With ingredients like Siberian Ginseng, Longjack Extract, Maca Root, and Gingko Leaf Extract the effects work on all sexes!  Do not take if you are nursing or pregnant and make sure to drink a big glass of water! Penis owners can experience better ejaculation control with a possible increase of thickness, length, width, and stamina.  People have also experienced heightened pleasure, improved confidence, more intense sexual experiences, and enhanced libido.  Vulva owners can experience an increase in libido and sexual desire as well as more powerful and frequent orgasms.  Explore every sensation with increased natural lubrication to pair with your every growing desire.


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