SS Under the Bed Restraints


Versatile set of 4 discreet restraints

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Four adjustable cuffs, four restraint straps, one connector strap, and about five minutes is all you need to elevate your sexual encounters. Set up is super easy! The restraint straps quickly fits beneath any size mattress with no hooks! Adjust to the size you desire, from a twin to a California king, these straps will work. Restrain your consenting partner’s arms and legs from the sides or bottom of the bed.
The four adjustable cuffs fit most wrists but you can also connect whichever ones you want! Strap your partner in and take some time to explore their body and see what causes the most reactions! Pair it with a blindfold or other sensation toys to really surprise them. When sexy time is over simply tuck the straps and cuffs back under the bed to hide away your little secret!


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