Adventure Gel 1oz


Vegan anal relaxing serum.  Paraben and glycerin free.

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The Adventure Relaxing Serum is unlike most other sprays or creams on the market that are meant to aid in backdoor play.  Instead of numbing, which can lead to tearing, this spray causes no anesthetic effects.  Made with a unique formula that contains a certified organic extract blend that is vegan, paraben free, and glycerin free, this serum makes play easier than ever.
Natural ingredients like clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass aid in the relaxation process.  There are no nerve blocking agents in the serum, which allow you to be able to feel all the sensations you need to.  Apply the serum 5 minutes before intercourse to allow the clove to work its magic.  As always, listen to your body, take things slow to start and make sure to get plenty of warm up for the most enjoyable experience.  Paired with lube this serum makes backdoor play easier and more enjoyable for all those involved!!


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