Pleasure Parties

A Pleasure Party is a wonderful way to have our store all to yourselves. All you need is a group of friends (absolute minimum is 5, maximum is 18). The best Pleasure Parties have 10-15 people. We will present our line to you and your friends in a manner designed to provide the greatest fun, education and comfort. Currently, we provide Pleasure Parties in the store only. Parties can be done for a variety of groups, please talk to us about what you’re planning, and we’ll help you make the most of it.

Call the store at (707) 441-9570 to choose your date. The representative assigned to your party will call you back to confirm the details. Parties can begin anytime after 6pm M-Th, and as early as 7pm most Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays we often do parties earlier, as you and your friends desire. Pleasure Party Presentations are free.

Refreshments are up to you, but please avoid drippy appetizers. Please check with us about alcohol.

Parties last about 2 hours, depending on how many of your friends attend, and the variety of products in which you’re interested. If you have been to a party before it will be helpful to your guests if you explain what happens and what doesn’t. Assure your guests that they will not be embarrassed, and that we will do everything we can to maintain their privacy regarding their purchases. It also helps to let them know how much fun they’re likely to have!

Generally we like to not have to share the bill with other entertainment such as dancers. As I’m sure you can imagine it’s hard to compete for your attention with a cute, nearly naked man. And finally, while it has very rarely every been a problem, the host is responsible for lost, stolen or damaged merchandise.

Host Gift Program: People hosting Pleasure Parties at Good Relations receive bonuses and discounts based on the sales at the party. No gimmicks, no multi-level marketing plan, and no pressure. We’ve been doing parties since 1983, and do our best to keep it as simple as possible to maximize everybody’s education and FUN! We will compute the totals (before taxes) of your friends’ purchases before we calculate your order. Based on that total, your purchases might even be FREE!!

Hostess Gift Program:

Talk with your sales representative about what you'll receive for hosting a party at Good Relations