Neo Sensual Room Diffuser Amber


Pheromone Enhanced Scent Diffuser

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Pheromones have been shown to increase attraction and sexual desire. Neo Sensual infuses gender neutral pheromones with scents like fresh bergamot, juicy plum, lotus flower, and vanilla. Arouse your senses and create your own sexual oasis in your bedroom.

Aren’t sure how this item helps? Let me set the scene for you. Your partner says that their day hasn’t been too kind to them and you want to do something to turn it around, so you plan to care for them a little bit. You beat them home, either cook or order take out, set up the diffuser, put out some lotion for a good massage, and let them vent and relax into you. As the scent of the diffuser envelops them in comfort and desire they are suddenly more aware of your touch, and things progress from there (if that’s what is wanted).


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