Liberty Travel Vibe


Travel Sized Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulator

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Don’t let the compact size fool you.  This perfect-for-travel clitoral stimulating air pulse has everything it needs for a smooth, exhilarating ride.  It is small, lightweight and has a
hygienic travel cover that keeps the Liberty safely closed and sealed when not in use.  Air Pulse Technology, developed by Womanizer (we hate the name, too but they make damn fine toys!) gently and indirectly stimulates the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris. It produces sucking and massaging changes in air pressure, so that people with clitori can reach a more powerful orgasm and often, several times.

Includes two different silicone heads for varying sizes of clitorises (clitori?).  The housing is safe ABS plastic. 

  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It is rechargeable and uses a USB cable with magnetic charging contacts
  • The charge time is 60 min
  • The run time is 120 min

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Light Blue, Rose Pink, Wine Red


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